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More about Leksand

More about Leksand
A couple of years ago Leksand were appointed “Sweden's best sports-town”. Our baseball and softball teams did well in the premier league (Elitserien), our hockey team did the same in their counterpart, at the time half the national team in Snowboarding lived in Leksand, our orienteering team had huge success – and more. Not bad for a small town of 15.000 inhabitants, in a country of 9 million.

About half of Leksand's inhabitants live in the Municipality´s 90 villages.

A place to visit.
 Thousands of people come to Leksand every year to spend their holiday, visiting our great water park “Leksand Sommarland”, playing Golf, joining the Midsummer celebrations or just relax at the sandy beaches of Lake Siljan. There are quite a lot of hotels and holiday villages for you to choose from. For more information, please contact the Tourist information office, This is a mailto link or telephone: +46 (0) 247 796 130

Half the population of Leksand live in the Municipality's 90 villages.

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The great waterpark “Leksand Sommarland” attracts visitors from all over Sweden and Norway.

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Street-life in the summertime.

International Forum.
In the small village of Tällberg there are seven(!) old style hotels. It is also in Tällberg, the commendable and yearly initiative, Tällberg Forum takes place.

The Tällberg Foundation invites decision makers and scientists from all over the world to participate in talks and initiatives on how to make our world a better place.

Popular hockey
In the wintertime people come from all over Sweden to cheer on our hockey team, Leksands IF. The hockey team is one of Sweden´s most popular, with over 7.500 members.


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Mr. Kofi Annan, one of the guests 
at the Tällberg forum

The home games are played in the newly built Ejendals Arena, that holds about 7.500 people (half our population), and it´s sold out several times during the season. In the season of 2007/2008 the legendary NHL goalkeeper Ed Belfour came from “overseas” to tend the goal. He did a good job.

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Ejendals Arena presents both hockey and concerts (capacity 7.500).


Leksands IF, one of Sweden's most popular hockey teams with over 7.500 members. 

Winter sports.
Skiing, cross-country skiing and skating are also popular activities during the wintertime. Our ski slope is called Granberget (Fir Mountain) where many of our country’s leading snowboarders and skiers have taken their first turns..

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Popular winter activity in Leksand

The Longboats – the trademark of Leksand.
The majestic longboats have become the trademark for Leksand. The boats are 61 feet (18.5 meters) long, weigh about one ton and have 20 oars, one rower per oar. They are also called church boat since they were used to take people to church in the old days. Today the boats are used in competitions between the townships around lake Siljan, at weddings (the happy couple are rowed from church to the celebrations, preferably downstream) and in other social events and team building.

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Church boat competition

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The happy couple on their way from church to the celebrations.

Medieval Leksand.

The Leksand Medieval Fair has, over 10 years, grown to become one of the country's largest with over 30.000 people visiting.

There are over 100 stall holders selling medieval handicraft, beggars, jesters, dancers, and of course the knights in shining armour at the thrilling joust.


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The thrilling joust.


An old woman from Leksand once said that ”Nothing of real importance can happen without the fiddlers”. And it’s still the truth. Music is an important part of Leksand tradition, as well as in everyday life.
Leksand, and neighbouring towns of Rättvik, Mora and Orsa, are considered to be the "cradle" of the Swedish folk music, with hundreds of years of unbroken tradition.

Of course, even traditional music evolves. Here are a few examples (click on the links to listen, takes a few seconds to download).

- Traditional folk music from Leksand  (by Tommy Gjers).
- New generation folk music  (by Tommy Gjers).
The heavy metal version (by Anders Qvicker)

Just 30 minutes drive from Leksand, in the neighbouring town of Rättvik, you will find Dalhalla. A beautiful concert arena situated in an old limestone quarry. The arena has 5.000 seats and offers over 30 concerts per season in all genres, from opera to rock.




"Nothing of real importance can happen withouot the fiddlers"

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 Dalhalla - concert arena

In the summertime the area around Lake Siljan offers several music festival and concerts. For more information, please contact the tourist information office: e-mail: This is a mailto link

Japan in Leksand
Leksand has a close relationship with Japan, and the town of Tobetsu (close to Sapporo in the province of Hokkaido). These contacts have resulted in 500 of the inhabitants of Leksand have jobs that are in some way related to the Japanese market! In Leksand you can also find “Japanska Parken” – a Japanese style park close to the baseball field. If you can read Japanese, you can learn more on the Tobetsu website:
http://www.town.tobetsu.hokkaido.jp (look at the top-banner)

Other sister cities that also have a Baseball club are:
USA – Brainerd, MN
The Brainerd Blue Thunder Baseball 

Canada - Aurora, Ontario
Aurora Minor Ball - Aurora Jays

For more information about Leksand, please visit: www.leksand.se
For more information about the Lake Siljan region: www.siljan.se
For more information about the district of Dalarna: www.dalarna.se
For more information about Sweden: www.sweden.se


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